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Here is a demo recording Christian, Wes, and I did Sunday evening:
Public Parks - Spice Girls Song Demo

Yes, that's obviously a working title. (A total of zero bonus points to anyone who can explain why it is called that.) There are no vocals yet but some of our other songs are getting close to the point of singing. (That's right, these songs ARE going to sing themselves!) Please ignore the part where the looping is off even though I just explicitly brought it to your attention.

The band name "Public Parks" has stuck for now. So I guess if you want to call us something, call us that.
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And that is somethin' I will neva eva eva do again...

...use RAID, that is!

RAID?! [boom]

That's an artist's rendition of where I spent a big part of my weekend. (It should be noted that the artist is a cell phone camera, and thus not very good.)

For those of you not "hip" to computers, this is of course the recommended way to attach internal SATA drives to your system while attempting to mount and recover a deleted RAID array. Don't worry, the pillow below will cushion their fall!

I suppose I should start...Collapse )
So to you other kids all across the land, take it from me: don't use RAID unless you run a server, and have physical facility access security to keep your children away. I recommend armed guards.
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The Angry Cafeterians - Back to Cafeteria

You (referring to me) asked for it! That's right, I'm back with another installment of "Hastily Thrown Together Recordings of The Three Guys At Work Band" (no relation to Men At Work, I hope).


Christianguitar + delay/loop pedal


Some of these songs are the result of an actual writing process. None of them are the result of an actual titling process.
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    Broger+Chrober+Wesn - Dead Horse Song

The cafeteria band returns

On Sunday, some guys I work with and I musically convened for about 7 hours, resulting in 3 hours of raw recorded footage, of which about 1 hour was song-like. I apologize in advance for the fact that we only occasionally knew what the other person was doing, what we were currently doing, or what we would do next.


Brian6 string guitar, panned right
Christian7 string guitar + delay/loop pedal, panned left


  1. Halloween Song
  2. Triumphant Song
  3. Halloween Song + Thanksgiving Song
  4. Longing Song
  5. Officer Song
  6. Officer Song (Reprise)
  7. Five Song
  8. Cautionary Song (Empty)
  9. Cautionary Song (Full)
  10. Wilderness Song
  11. Disoriented Song
  12. Jazz Song
  13. Hum Song
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SyStEmS OfFiCeR Underslept....

im so happy to report that ive finished the new SyStEmS OfFiCeR album titled " Underslept "

im also excited to say that ive moved to a new label- Temporary Residence Limited, which happens

to also be the new home of pinback, three mile pilot, and blackheart procession. to those who are

interested i will be bringing copies of the new S.O. record with me when i go on tour with pinback

this october/november '09. the official release date to stores is november 3rd . this record has been

a long time in the making, thanks to all who have waited for this patiently, and showed support.

ive posted one of the new songs off Underslept here titled " Shape Shifter " i hope you enjoy...

Systems Officer - Shape Shifter
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now if only there had been several cars in a row with identical UDP plates

On my way back from the store today I was behind a car with a "990-TCP" license plate. The driver was side-by-side with a truck as the lanes merged together. It apparently took him a while to realize that he had to get behind or pass the truck or else he'd drive off the road. I should have yelled out to him, "NICE FLOW CONTROL!!"

Speaking of one of the only people on my friends list that would get that "joke," I finished reading all of Anthony's journal today. His cool.
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America, West and A Son-E

I made Cheepy a cute dinner today. I didn't have a way to take a picture of it, so you'll just have to settle for this Artist's MSPaint Rendering:

Dinner For Cheepy

That's sushi (red pepper, cucumber, and baked tofu), sliced kiwi, a slice of red pepper and a strawberry.

I've been reading Ferny's journal archives. The hawability quotient is palpable. It weakly inspires me to write more often in this old thing. But probably not enough so that I'll actually do it. Anyway, it's kind of weird to think about how much electronic "documentation" we have detailing so many of the jokes that we have made over the years.

In other completely uninteresting news, I finally used that microphone that Alex sent me a while back (thanks again!). And now for the band Test Recording and their hit "Test 1". One of these days I should sit down and actually record stuff again. It seems that I have a billion song ideas, but they evaporate when I actually sit down and "roll tape." Perhaps I should pull a Rob Zombie and hum everything into a portable recorder.
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