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The cafeteria band returns

On Sunday, some guys I work with and I musically convened for about 7 hours, resulting in 3 hours of raw recorded footage, of which about 1 hour was song-like. I apologize in advance for the fact that we only occasionally knew what the other person was doing, what we were currently doing, or what we would do next.


Brian6 string guitar, panned right
Christian7 string guitar + delay/loop pedal, panned left


  1. Halloween Song
  2. Triumphant Song
  3. Halloween Song + Thanksgiving Song
  4. Longing Song
  5. Officer Song
  6. Officer Song (Reprise)
  7. Five Song
  8. Cautionary Song (Empty)
  9. Cautionary Song (Full)
  10. Wilderness Song
  11. Disoriented Song
  12. Jazz Song
  13. Hum Song
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