Rob Crow!!!

I attended the R.R. Crow II concert yesterday. I rank this show among the best I have ever seen. I think I'm giving it a slightly inflated rating because I got to see 3/4 of Heavy Vegetable performing Heavy Vegetable songs. One might say I was agreeing with every note they were playing.

Here is an unordered, incomplete list of songs that were played (I know there were more, but I can't remember the rest):

Rob Crow section:
Bam Bam / I Hate You, Rob Crow (Single Version) / Taste / Over Your Heart / Up / Liefeld / Leveling / Focus / If Wade Would Call / No Sun / Ode To Tile / Who Takes My Recyclables / Speedy Delivery / Helicopter / Over the Summer / A Subtle Kiss / Some Things

Heavy Vegetable section:
Song For Wesley / Junior / Intro / Bully / Couch

Rob Alone With His Guitar section:
Astro Zombies / Minor Threat

Overall, I give it an A+. Actually, upgrade that to a Dr. A+ because the opening band Ghost Stories was also quite enjoyable. The singer/guitarer guy even played an acoustic version of "Can't Stand Losing You" from the middle of the crowd!

Before the show started, I met up with tanukisuit and we made fun of idiot "scenesters" with newsboy caps. I kept hoping that one of them would toss me a copy of tonight's program, but alas....

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