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Haw University

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Chu-chi face
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I'm 28.
Ψ, 88 fingers louie, adam fulara, adding interests, almond butter, animals, atheism, avocados, bad movies, bad religion, bagels, bass, beck, being funny, blockus, board games, bobby mcrodgers, breakfast in bed, broccoli, bullhell, burnt fenugreek, bwshosobowr, c#, c++, calculus, camping, carpooling, cats, cauliflower, cd-rws, cheepy, chili, chillage, choreographing dance solos, closed captions, comedy, comma-d, computer engineering, computer science, computers, cooking, cosbie mbele, deftones, devo, die aerzte, donald showalter, dr. mario, drums, e-row, early depeche mode, eastern foods, eating, ebay, extra virgin olive oil, falafel, food, foosball, frederick transfer peterson, garlic, guacamole, guitar, hard drives, hijacked journals, hiking, honk shoe, html, hummus, humor, irc, juice squeeze, killing fruit flies, kirby, kissing, lagwagon, legos, lemonade, lemons, link, listening, living, locks of love, loco soda, love, making fun of people, mario tennis, math, millencolin, missing ipods, mp3s, mst3k, n64, nelsie boy, nes, nirvana, nofx, oblivious blue collar employees, octave chords, old foo fighters, ondrej, online shopping, organic products, peanut sauce, pennywise, people, perl, photoshop, pickleball, ping pong, playing and recording music, programming, pseudo-punk, punk rock, qbasic, road trips, roald hoffmann, rosemary, science, shawshank redemption, skiploader, sleeping, snes, soup, soy milk, spinach leaves, steve johnson, street fighter 2 turbo, super smash bros., supernova, syntax highlighting, tacos, talking, terminator 2, terrorgruppe, tetris, thai food, the perfect haircut, the redwoods, tofu, tortilla chips, trashing stupid movies, university of washington, veganism, vegetables, vi, w00t, web development, whole foods market, wizo, xml, ysib